Brand Identity

Creating a logo is like giving name. Its a big thing, but not everything you need. 

Use of a logo is even more tricky, there is logic of how you use it, there are rules where you use it and small details are your key ingredients. Of course you can ignore the experience of the last century and do as you like, but if you want efficiency and smart look, you have to follow the rules. 

I know those rules and use them all the time, as well I learn new rules as they come along. I like to use the latest technologies and mix them with good old classics to get the unique result. 

When partners become friends...

When business relations last long, its not possible to tell the whole story in one picture and for some of such cases I made small sets of photos. I hope you enjoy them!

and when friends become family...

Thats when my passion gets a separate gallery. 

I design and print New Year postcards for many many years, I do it for business and for pleasure. 

Every year I make a 100 unique hand made postcards and send them to my very special people. Some of those had crafted postcards are published here. 

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