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Composition courses

линейная композиция
белый кролик
открытый треугольник
закрытый треугольник
треугольная композиция
типы композиций

Main Reason

Goal, Method, Tools




Composition (lat. compositio   - combination, link, addition, connection)

In the nut shell composition is a science of balance.

Harmonic composition – the one that is in the resting stage – in balance. The one that make you pay attention is assembled incorrectly.

On my courses:

We go into details on what are the options of balance are used in decoration of torts, cakes, cup-cakes and any other edible creations. We get familiar with 10 rules of compositions and learn how to apply them. I created them from many facts and data that I came across in the course of my career as graphic designer and composition teacher.

We take into account specifics of the particular object and that includes both look and taste.

I will introduce you to:

Chaos theory and rule of Choir.

Monochromic composition

Three main composition types


Teach you:

To admire and worship number three

Make awesome décor even if your inspiration is low.

To give fresh new look to classics   

​To create multi-level cakes


In addition to basic level:

Restaurant serving and its specifics and rules.

Specific forms course – wedding cakes, Christmas and Easter sweets etc

And of course collaboration on your new cakes for your business

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