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I have classic education in art. I started my career in 1992 as a graphical designer and managed to grow to positon of Creative director.

It was awesome to run a large firm and to manage tens of designers. But I left. Why?

Frankly I got bored. I needed a new challenge. What can be more challenging than your own business?

I started my own business 15 years ago to provide full monty design solutions – websites, annual report designs, corporate magazines, brand books, PR campaign image, corporate style etc.

I enjoy different projects, diversity allows me to grow as a professional. I learned that I can reapply my knowledge from industry to industry creating unique items. The most recent game changer for me was my work with Nina Tarasova, who inspired me to try to do Pastry design. I’m passionate person, I love to get things done professionally. Honored skill require you to work hard and to learn from the best. I’m a very hard working person, I needed the second ingredient and  I went to school.

I gained knowledge and education from the best schools in the world. My first were Paris, Le Cordon Blue, Lenôtre, Chocolate Academy, Elle&Vire, ENSP.

Perfection is a result of the dedication and  I never stop learning, usually I go to study twice a year to the best school I can get to.

It’s my fifth year of pastry design and I work with private individuals, pastry schools, restaurants and culinary academies. My clients are all around the globe, from NYC and small towns in Siberia to far Asia.

Based on my experience and driven by my clients demand I’ve created a unique and utterly effective program to learn composition and pastry design for any level of knowledge.  It works well even for the people that are the masters of the industry of sweet masterpieces.


I do online tutoring, master classes and onsite one to one education. And of course you can order my design. My work is never off the peg, each project is a bespoke solution tailored for your individual needs and wishes.

I’m always open to new challenges and look for cooperation.

​To inquire about the services I provide please send me a message using the form and I will reply shortly. Appreciate if you include information about your reasons, plans and expectation. I need this information to find the best possible approach and offer you a solution you are satisfied with.​

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