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Pastry Design


Everything starts with an idea. It goes through many stages before it becomes a sketch. Dish sketch is like a skeleton, you need to add many elements to it before it looks like a complete body.


Key element is the recipe, its the soul of the dish and it must be as good as the dish look if we don't want to disappoint anyone. 

Only when we are done with sketch of the look and recipe we can make the dish. 

That's when I can publish it here.


Inventing food is an endless process. Its not like your logo that stays with you for years with minimal changes. People like to try new taste and enjoy new emotions. 

I design all kinds of sweet things and do that for any occasion - pie, cake, tarts, tartlet, mousse, cakes, cookie, cupcake, cheesecake, eclair, choux, verrine, cound cake, macaron, puff pastry, wedding cake, chocolate candies, buffet and many more.

Plated Desserts

Plate is like a business card, an empty space is the key element.

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